On Musicals

Hey all! Do any of you like musicals? I happen to love them. I was in seven different musicals throughout high school and have tried to see as many as possible. As a light post, I wanted to give you a rundown of three of my favorite lesser known musicals, just in case you were looking to discover any.

Spring Awakening

This has absolutely nothing to do with Glee, but the original Broadway cast includes Lea Michele and Jonathan Groff, so I’m sure the TV series was like a happy little reunion for them.

This particular musical is set in nineteenth century Germany. The plot focuses on a group of teenagers who were friends as children. Each character has some sort of struggle with his or her sexuality, religion, and/or relationship with an authority figure. The adults’ refusal to address these issues with their children leads to sexual abuse, unwanted pregnancy, suicide, and other painful situations. Throughout the twisting plot and music (which has a great rock influence), it is easy to get attached to each of the characters as their paths intertwine.

Favorite song: “Bitch of a Living

Full album

Tony performance

The Last Five Years

This one is relatively more popular because it was just made into a movie starring Anna Kendrick. I think that The Last Five Years might my favorite show of all time, next to Wicked.

The musical only has two characters, Cathy and Jamie. It is nice to know the premise going in, because the beginning could otherwise be confusing. The plot centers around Cathy and Jamie’s relationship, marriage, and divorce. Cathy’s narration begins with the divorce and works backwards to when they meet, and Jamie’s goes from their meeting to their divorce. The only time the two appear in the same scene at the same time is during their engagement/wedding song, which is insanely beautiful. If you can, I strongly suggest checking out the movie.

Favorite song: “Still Hurting” (Original Broadway Cast)

Full album (Original Broadway Cast)

Movie trailer

A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder

A Gentleman’s Guide is the most recent of the three. It is actually still on Broadway, at the Walter Kerr Theater. I hope that it becomes much better known because it is a crazy good musical. Monty Navarro is a young man with no connections to high society and no way to earn a living. A friend of his mother’s arrives and informs him that he is part of a powerful family, and he is even eighth in line for the earlship. After being turned down by the woman he loves, Monty decides to kill everyone before him in the succession and take the title. It sounds incredibly morbid but it’s actually hilarious and the music is wonderful. If you are going to New York any time soon, check out this one!

Favorite song: “Sibella”

Full album

Tony performance

I hope y’all enjoy some of these selections! If you have any musicals you think I should check out, leave a comment below.


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