On Night People

We’ve all heard the division between night people and day people or morning people. I’m such a night person that I’m basically a morning person. Really, though. I feel like I can’t do anything productive unless the sun is gone. I’m basically such a night person that I’m a morning person, considering I stay up so late that it’s practically time to get up anyways.

I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of people like me, especially in the college crowd. I don’t think that it’s procrastination, for me. After all, I do get everything done. I just wish I was a morning person. I feel like that would make studying and doing my homework so much easier.

As a night person, I would like to offer my fellow night people some tips.

  • I wake up late because I stay up late. In the real world after college, this is going to be unrealistic. I know that a lot of people love later classes because that means more time to sleep. On the other hand, this builds a bad habit. Last semester, I started scheduling my classes earlier. This means that I actually have to wake up early and get my butt to class. This puts me on a much better schedule, so I have more free time.
  • If I have an early test and I’m afraid of not waking up in time, I study until about midnight and then have a friend call me to study in the morning. This eliminates the need for all-nighters, and if you’re worried about waking up on time, the phone-a-friend trick really works. Plus, it’s nice to get a good breakfast and study session in before tests.
  • If you absolutely must stay up hella late, exchange online and down time for twenty minute naps. That way, you at least have some Besides, if you’re literally doing nothing, you might as well be sleeping.
  • Join activities that get you tired late at night. If you don’t have anything that interests you, work out. That will get you healthier (fight that freshman fifteen!) and also tired before your usual bedtime. This will help with the whole waking up early thing, too.
  • This is not a me trick, but it worked for my old roommate. She would shut the blinds and turn out most of the lights to simulate that it was late at night. That way, she was productive as possible in the day but her body kinda thought it was night. I don’t know. It was weird for me but it worked for her so to each his own!
  • I really try to cut down my coffee consumption. This one sounds obvious but if you’re a regular late-night person, you might drink a lot more coffee than you think. I don’t drink coffee after two unless I’m working a double shift and know I’ll be exhausted.

Well, I hope one or two of these is able to help. It’s best to get on a good schedule before school starts, so maybe try adjusting your sleep schedule now! I know that I definitely have to.


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