On Sephora

First of all, sorry that it’s been a couple of days! A lightning storm killed our modem and the internet was down for a while. It’s been rough. Luckily, we just got that fixed today, so I’m able to update!

I’ve recently noticed that I’ve been developing a serious makeup obsession. I used to be perfectly happy with any drugstore variety of makeup. I watched one too many makeup tutorial videos one day (they’re soothing when I can’t sleep) and then my mall opened a Sephora and it’s been all downhill from there.

My first big splurge was on the Urban Decay Naked palette. Girls out there, have you ever tried this? It’s wonderful. Literally whatever I do looks good. It drives me nuts, actually. I went from an amateur to a pro overnight. The shadows blend beautifully and stay all day.

It’s not cheap. The palette itself is $54. That’s quite a bit to spend on makeup, right? On the bright side, it’s lasted me over a year, but still. After the palette I started buying lipsticks and liners and other cosmetics and I’m pretty much obsessed with Sephora.

So I’ve had this Naked palette and I’m in love with it. Well, there are three Naked palettes and I want them all. Of course, that’s over $150 in makeup. Besides that, Urban Decay just released a fourth palette – the Naked Smoky.

Oh, T, I thought to myself. It’s been over a year. Another palette won’t hurt amiright…

So now I have two Naked palettes. And a third one for my mom. Guys, you really don’t understand the struggle. I wear makeup because I love makeup but it is so expensive to get stuff that’s actually good. All of these people around me are wearing this fabulous makeup but how do they get the money for it? Does anyone know? Like I work full time and I think I make decent money for someone my age, but how does that even work?

Does anyone else feel me on this one? I love Sephora and Urban Decay, I just wish that things were a bit more reasonably priced. Then again, it is nice to have something to save up for without spending money willy-nilly.

Sorry that this is a crappy update. It is midnight and I just got home from work and my internet is FINALLY working. I’ll try to do a double post tomorrow (fingers crossed) to make up for lost time!


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