On Short Stories

Hi all! So I’m currently writing the next post. It’s going to need a bit more editing than usual and will be up in a couple of hours. In the meantime, I wanted to pull two short stories that are not well known and show them to you, because I think they’re beautiful.

“Kavita Through Glass”

In searching for a copy of this that would work to show you, I discovered that it is actually  included in the 2003 edition of The Best American Short Stories. I’m really happy that this is more accessible than I originally thought. I read this for a class that I took this summer.

“Alone on a New York Bound Train”

So this is from a relatively new writer. Lines that stop and make you reread them just because they are that poignant and beautiful keep bringing me back to this story. Just read it. You’ll see what I mean.

Well, I hope you enjoy these! I’ll be back later tonight. Drop a comment on which one you like better!


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