On What I’ve Been Doing Instead of Writing

Sorry for the radio silence lately. I’ve been going through some things that happened all at once. So, what exactly have I been up to? Come, friends. Live vicariously through me for a few minutes.

  • I made a quilt.

Kind of. It’s a t-shirt quilt, and it’s really bad. So I kind of threw together t-shirts that I didn’t want to get rid of and sewed them all together, then slapped a backing on it. My parents were slightly annoyed, considering I spent a day and a half doing this instead of packing for college.

  • I actually packed for college.

And like every other girl, I packed far too much. I wasn’t supposed to have a roommate, so it was kind of acceptable, but now one of my close friends moved in with me so all of my stuff is squished to one side. I’ll figure this out eventually.

  • Then, I moved in.

Who woulda thunk it? So I set up my room, everything is wonderful, and I’m very happy with it. Then I was the only one in the building for a couple of days so I made my friend stay over because it was beyond creepy.

  • I went to band camp.

Ladies and gentlemen, I learned the saxophone in time! I went to band camp and did all the band things that were required of me. I have never been more attached to my chapstick. My lips are completely raw and my right arm hurts. If you question why my right arm hurts, check out Pitt Band videos and you might discover the answer.

  • I went back to college.

I moved in (again) after band camp and this time, there were actually real live people in the building.

  • I carried a TV through South Oakland at 1 AM.

I forgot my TV and all of my hangers at home. I know, I’m brilliant. Thankfully, my lovely sister brought my things for me when she moved in, so I went to collect my TV one night and then ended up walking home by myself. Don’t worry, I have pepper spray.

  • M and I broke up.

Long distance sucks, y’all.

  • I met some of the coolest people ever.

My band friends are awesome. I know, this is so geeky. Like most people going into a place where they literally knew no one, I was terrified that I wouldn’t fit in. I was pleasantly surprised. I love everyone there, and they have all been awesome. I feel like I’m a part of a whole new family. Incoming freshmen, I have some advice: join everything. Push to meet new people. The nights that you stay up for the conversations, the bonding in hoodies on porches, the laughter about old stories – these are the things that will mean the most in hard times.

I hope you all are having a great end to your summers! I’ll be around.




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