On Starting New Things and Restarting Old Things

Happy New Years and holidays, to those of you who celebrate them! I’ve been away for a while but I came to the conclusion recently that I’m not technically a writer if I’m not writing. So here I am, attempting to write once more.

There’s not much going on in the life of this particular college student. I finished up last semester and just got back from Christmas break. In general, everything is basically the same.

As most of my friends know, New Years is my least favorite holiday. I literally despise everything about changing years. I hate change in general, but that’s not entirely important. I do my best every year to ignore the fact that I’m older and the year is over and I’m never getting it back. Most times, I’m disappointed because I haven’t accomplished anything. This year was harder than usual. I lost a couple of very close relatives in the last year, and it’s been a year since I transferred and lost a lot of friends.

But I’ve gained quite a bit in the last year too. I’ve gained the Cathedral of Learning, which I have the privilege of seeing outside of my window every single day when I wake up. I gained a closer relationship with my sister, now that we go to the same school. I gained sisters and brothers and 300 bandies that I didn’t know until four months ago. I wrote some of my best work and studied harder than ever before. I won. I failed. And above all, I tried.

So here’s to 2016, friends. Let’s make this the year of digging deeper, striving for higher, and never giving up.