On Museums

I really wish that more people casually went to museums. This is probably because I have unlimited access to a great museum (free admission to Carnegie with my Pitt ID) but I think that the appeal of museums has worn off on a lot of people. I’m a huge nerd, but I think that they are such an important part of human culture, faults included.

I’ve been to a lot of museums. They’re some of my favorite places to go, especially when I’m in a new city. I think I went to the Victoria and Albert four separate times when I was in London, and I didn’t see all of it.

Museums teach us something about the past, even if that lesson is that people in the past didn’t care about other peoples’ possessions. I felt very strange in the British Museum because I just felt like it was all of the important artifacts pillaged by colonization (does anyone else have thoughts on this?) but that’s just me. Even though I mostly talk about English on here, I’m also an anthropology major. I study people in my free time. Museums are absolutely fascinating to me.

I think an issue is that most people think about museums as places for kids to go. I don’t see it that way at all. I somehow managed to go when there were no student groups and very few small children, and it was incredibly peaceful to just roam through the halls. Carnegie has the art and history museums connected too, which is especially convenient.

If you have the chance, I recommend checking out a museum near you at some point over the next few months, even if it’s just a small local one. You never know what new piece you’ll discover.


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