On Querying

So. I did the thing. I wrote the book. I edited the book. The book has taken roughly a million hours of my life away. But it’s okay.

I value honesty and I try to be as honest as possible here. Here goes nothing: querying sucks. Boy oh boy, does it suck. I am one of the least patient people in this universe and it’s just this huge waiting game.

For everyone that doesn’t know, querying is the part that comes after you write the book and tear it to shreds. You write a letter that represents your book as elegantly and eloquently as possible and then you send it out to a bunch of agents (after carefully researching every aspect of their lives and what they look for in a book) and then you wait. And wait.

And wait.

Sometimes, they get back to you requesting partial or full manuscripts. Sometimes they reject you. And sometimes there is no response at all. While I understand the need for this, it’s still a bit disheartening. But I digress.

So this is the phase that we’re in now. There’s been some great commentary so far, which is good, and I may or may not read portions of the book every night so I’m sending out the best product possible. Is anyone else in the querying stage? Let me know so we can commiserate together!