On Best Friends

I’m still rolling with my 100 book summer, and this week, I read a series that I’ve been wanting to get my hands on forever. Seriously. It’s the Summer series by Jenny Han (The Summer I Turned Pretty, It’s Not Summer Without You, We’ll Always Have Summer) and I think I’ve wanted to read them since I was like fifteen, but I never had the time. I wasn’t disappointed.

One thing that really stuck out to me about this series was the main character’s mother’s relationship with her best friend. If you haven’t read the book, the MC, Belly, spends every summer at a beach house with her mom (Laurel), brother, her mom’s best friend (Susannah), and her two boys. Obviously, Laurel and Susannah are middle-aged women, and that isn’t really the focal of YA lit. Their relationship was just so incredible. I love the depth the two of them have.

Reading about Laurel and Susannah made me think of my own best friend. She just got home from a semester in London, and it’s legitimately the longest I’ve gone without seeing her since kindergarten. It’s not like we live in the same town anymore, either. We go to different schools. We’re friends with different people. All my life, I wanted a relationship like this, to have someone who I could tell anything to, someone who I knew would be there forever. I don’t know when we became this way, but it happened right under my nose. I just remember when we graduated high school and we marathoned Harry Potter. After the last movie, B and I laid on the floor crying, because Harry Potter was something we grew up with and it was over, and high school was over. Becoming an adult was hard.

But I did it with B by my side.

I think when you find your person, you don’t realize it at first. How could you? It wasn’t like I sat down in kindergarten and looked at B and thought, Yes. This is my friendship soulmate. This is the person that’s going to be my other half for the rest of my life. That didn’t happen in middle or high school, either. Eventually, she just eroded the places in my heart and carved herself a little permanent spot.

Sorry for the sappiness, but that book got to me. Now all I need is for our kids to get married, amiright?


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